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BRanding project

Solo Project


Brand an aircraft/airline with a recognizable global or Canadian corporate brand and apply the brand in a manner that would be consistent with that brand's overall look and feel.

Describe the brand journey- from the arrival to the airport, check-in counter, crew uniforms, cabin interiors, food, etc


Airport check-in- white/beige with orange and pink accents (carpet, line dividers, etc)

Employees and crew members will be wearing either pink or dark grey uniforms with pops of orange accessories such as, scarfs, handbags, gloves, ties, etc

Waiting area- benches that will look like a sprinkled donut, pink and orange chairs

Lounge- 'donut-like' chairs, donut bar where people can customize and/or choose a pre-made donut

Boarding tunnel- walls will be light pink with various stickers in the shape of Dunkin' Donuts logo, different sizes of coffee cups, flavours of donuts, etc

Plane's exterior- plane will be white with light pink frosting dripping down it with the signature Dunkin Donuts colours of hot pink, orange, and white sprinkles 

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